The mission of Robinson Ranch remains firm; to provide comprehensive educational programs for under-privileged, disabled & able-bodied children and adults, utilizing horses to facilitate growth, learning and healing. Pursuing this mission enriches the lives of our students in a caring, safe, and challenging environment that will enable them to reach their full potential.





















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Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT)

It may seem less therapeutic and more like play, but equine-assisted therapy and lead line riding really can help those with physical and mental disabilities. While there is little controlled research on the subject, physical therapists progress notes, as well as reports from physicians, teachers, and parents testify to its benefits. These benefits include improved respiration, circulation, balance, and body metabolism along with greater muscle strength and agility. The warmth and motion of the horse mimicking that of the human body can also reduce muscle spasticity in the legs, back, neck and arms. Mounting, dismounting and grooming are also useful in enhancing range of motion. The gentle roll of the horse’s hip mimics our human three dimensional gait; anteriorly and posteriorly, side‐to‐side, and rotational.  People with disabilities like cerebral palsy or stroke acquire flexibility while at the same time develop and strengthen core muscles.

Psychosocial benefits reported are improvements in self-esteem, self-image, and interpersonal skills. Many students also become more outgoing and autistic children have been known to communicate spontaneously for the first time with a horse!


One such program held on our property is IDEAL; otherwise known as Individual Developmental Equine Assisted Learning.  This program teaches individual self-help and independence skills to special needs individuals and their typical peers with the assistance of our equine friends.  Each student is assigned a provider that will remain with him/her at all times during the program. This program uses the assistance of horses to facilitate a natural love of learning. Individualized plans for each participants style of learning and individual goals are assessed and evaluated to match the proper horse and rider.


Learning with horses is a tactile, fun and motivating way to teach new skills and increase the desire to try new techniques, increase core muscle tone, fine motor skills and sensory integration while working atop a horse! Our programs are designed to grow with each participant and provide a new and exciting environment with each visit. Whether the need is sensory integration, crossing midline or learning environmental safety skills, our program is individualized for each participant depending on their ISP, IEP and therapy goals. This program is held each Saturday 9:00a – 10:00a.  Come out and see us in action!!!


At Robinson Ranch we currently offer several paths to a therapeutic experience for students.